Blue Cross Blue Shield Spira Care

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City approached Barkley with a single, but not so simple task; reimagine the healthcare experience from the plan, to space, to process, to digital, to service. We were building care from the ground up. As the project Delivery Lead, I was involved in planning the scope of the year-long engagement, conducted qualitative research, co-facilitated ideation workshops, and functioned as quality oversight for all strategy deliverables.

Our largest effort focused a series of design sprints diving into the specific phases of a customer’s journey through the Spira Care. Through five collaborative Co-Design Sessions, patient representatives and stakeholders combined to ideate and solution around how we might create the best possible Spira Care Member experience. The concepts were analyzed and tested with different participants which provided invaluable insights in determining the minimum viable experience. The most successful concepts were synthesized into use-case scenarios and narratives in anticipation of how the personas might use these concepts in real life. The results are a holistic service design of human, process, and technology interactions to help guide the best-in-class Spira Care experience.

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Meritage Homes Community Tour Experience

Meritage believed that prospective buyers we’re fully understanding the true value behind their energy-efficient homes. While their model homes and community centers presented a variety of signage and interactive educational stations, the benefits were not translating to the buyer experience. Our research solution was threefold: conduct ethnographic shop alongs to understand the buyer mindset; passively observe buyer behaviors and patterns during contextual inquiries; ideate with current owners on their buying experience in focus groups. I designed and conducted the focus group sessions that explored the different phases of the buying process, as well as participated int he contextual inquiries and shop along exercises. The end result demonstrated that most buyers were not in the mindset to actively digest a large amount of information during their initial pass of a home. Buyers dream of their new life and first become invested in a space psychologically before making a rational decision on the property. We determined the over-inclusion of signage was causing information blindness. That information in general needed to be presented in a more obvious and more concise format in context to prevent misalignment between display text quantity and organic tour behavior. Our opportunities spanned quick wins to large-scale future state endeavors all centered around making buying a home as transparent and easy as possible.

Grow Financial

In the world of modern brand building, organization purpose is becoming increasingly important. We began a five-year roadmap with Grow Financial Credit Union by using the first 90 days fo the engagement to spark a new chapter for Grow and begin the process of both inspiring and creating a more purposeful, responsive and ultimately “future-proofed” brand. In other words. Redefine their purpose.

The Barkley team prioritized our focus to encompass three major drivers: building a base of member obsession; engaging digital by formulating a perspective on potential future state opportunities; creating a culture of innovation. I conducted a series of digital audits to evaluate the current state of Grow’s digital experience and participated in member research (store location contextual inquiries) and momentum workshops designed to help build internal alignment among stakeholders. The output of these efforts was the development of a new internal digital governance framework, a week-long mobile product design sprint, and an experience model to work with existing vendors to encourage improvements to Grow’s current set of digital properties.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines approached Barkley to refresh their brand and redesign their website with a focus on improving the booking path experience. We worked collaboratively with the Spirit team over two years to craft a holistic new design and development model that enhanced usability and met the required, stringent industry accessibility standards. I helped to build and prototype the primary booking path for the initial design phase in a team of three and independently wireframed the hotel and package booking sections for testing before visual application of the brand.